Water & Sewer

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Water & Sewer Rates

Water Rates

In Town Water Rate is $41.00

Out of Town Water Rate is $47.00


In Town Sewer Rate is $33.00

Out of Town sewer Rate is $38.00

Meter Rate 

In Town Meter Rate is $2.00

Out of Town Meter Rate is $2.00

KeyTroll (bulk water)

Deposit is $65.00

Rate is $13.00 for first 1,000 gallons 

Rate is $12.000 for 1000 to 5000 billed per 1000 gallons

Rate is $7.00 for over 5000 gallons billed per 1000 gallons

Raw Water

Rate is $120 for season


Water rates will be increase to $45.00 for intown and $41.00 for out-of-town starting in January 2024. 

Inactive water tap is $9.00