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Town of Nucla Licensing & Permits

Please email to or drop off at Town Hall 320 Main St or Mail to P.O. Box 219 Nucla, CO 81424, for all applications and licenses.  

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Business License

Business Licenses

  • Business License fee $30.00 
  • Due Annually March 31st.   
  • Business License Application 
  • Business License Ordinance

Building Permits

Building Permits

Do I need a building permit? (click here)

  • Building Permit Ordinance
  • Town of Nucla Complete Building Packet 
  • Building Permit Application
    • State of Colorado Plumbing Permit Application
    • Colorado Homeowner's Plumbing  Guide
    • State of Colorado Electrical Permit
    • Colorado's Homeowner's Electrical Guide
    • Additional Information on State of Colorado Electrical & Plumbing
  • Variance Request Form
  • Manufactured Home Building Permit Application & Information

ATV/OHV Permits

ATV/OHV Permits

  • ATV/OHV permits- $25 annually expires March 31st
  • Proof of ownership, proof of insurance, and drivers license 
  • ATV/OHV Permit Application
  • ATV/OHV Ordinance #2022-03

Pet License

Pet Licenses at Nucla Town Hall Only

  • Pet tags - Renew annually by January 31st
    • $5.00 for neutered pets 
    • $10.00 for un-neutered pets
  • Must provide proof of rabies vaccine
  • Ordinance 2022-02

Special Events & Liquor License

 Liquor Licenses & Special Events Distributing Alcohol

  •  State of Colorado Liquor Licensing  
  • State Liquor License Fees
  • Town fee for New Liquor License application is $300
  • Town application fee for Renewing a Liquor License is $300 
  • Special Event Guide
  • Special Event Permit Application
    • Town of Nucla Special Event Permitfee$25.00
    • Insurance (if purchased) will be additional.
    • Make checks payable to the Town of Nucla.
      • Separate Check Required for Deposit.
  • Special Event Liability Insurance Application

Montrose County

Vehicle title/registration, marriage license, deeds & liens are handled by Montrose County Clerk & Recorder

  • Montrose County Nucla (Annex Building)
    • 300 Main Street., Nucla CO 81424
    • Ph. (970) 864-7874 / F. (970) 864-7550
    • Vehicle Registration, Voter Registration, Marriage Licenses